DeKalb County Divorce Lawyer

DeKalb County Divorce Lawyer


Why hire a DeKalb County Divorce Lawyer? It’s a fair question. Especially when you consider the State of Georgia has specific procedural requirements for a divorce. For example, all divorces in this state must be filed in Superior Court and if there is an issue of custody then a child support worksheet is required. There are, however, a great deal of differences in procedure and litigation techniques as you go from county to county. Another factor that cannot be overstated is which judge is assigned to the case. The wide differences between counties and judges means that a one size fits all approach doesn’t cut it in family law practice. If you are filing in DeKalb County, consider hiring a local DeKalb County divorce lawyer. Whether you call our firm or one of our colleagues, we strongly advise talking to a lawyer before you file a contested divorce.

DeKalb County Divorce Lawyers

Travis Andres and Joshua Brownlee are DeKalb County Divorce Lawyers who live here and practice in DeKalb County. We know picking a divorce lawyer can be a difficult decision, call us today for a consultation. Most judges in DeKalb County are reasonable and fairly easy to work with. It’s important to keep in mind that each judge has their own preferences on how proceedings are to be conducted in discovery, motions, and trial. Hiring a local DeKalb County Divorce Lawyer can help your proceeding go a lot smoother. If you are interested in hiring a DeKalb County Divorce Lawyer please contact us today!

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