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The Holy Trinity of Justice Reform

A Balanced Approach is the Only Way to Truly Change Our Criminal Justice System Earlier this week the U.S. Congress started looking into fixing the United States criminal justice system. Elected officials of the Judiciary Committee all had something to say. Terms like “liberal” and “law and order types” were casually tossed around the room […]

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Why Funding Public Defenders Isn’t Just A Nice Thing To Do

By Joshua Brownlee Before getting bogged down in yet another article, ask yourself these questions: Are 95% of people who are arrested guilty? What percentage of people who get arrested are innocent? Does police misconduct or overzealous prosecution increase convictions rates? How do police know when they make an illegal search or seizure? What happens […]

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Dialogue of Aspasia: Exigent Circumstances

by Joshua Brownlee   Officer Ness: Hello again, Aspasia isn’t it? Aspasia: Hi Officer Ness, how are you? Are you off duty? Officer Ness: Yeah, it’s my day off and I felt like having one of those fancy iced coffees. Aspasia: Care to join me, I was wondering if I could get your opinion on […]

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Correcting Errors is Not Such a Bad Thing

A brief rebuttal on the misconceptions of “the flag” debate and why it matters most in the Deep South. Racism can take root anywhere, regardless of the country or culture. Tensions between groups of people who look different can be the perfect catalyst for violence and oppression. Given that premise, why do we always focus […]

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Dialogue of Aspasia

  Dialogue of Aspasia An Honest Conversation Between an Officer and Citizen by Joshua Brownlee         Aspasia: What’s going on? Officer Ness: Please stand back ma’am! Aspasia: Why does that officer have his knee in that man’s back? Officer Critias:  SHUT UP or you’ll be next! Officer Ness: Critias worry about keeping […]

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Re-Examining The Use of DNA Evidence

For the last few decades there has been a growing cultural phenomenon among jurors regarding forensic evidence. Reasonable and intelligent people confuse what’s on TV with what is physically in front of them. Unfortunately these assumptions have dramatic consequences every day in court rooms across the country. The phenomenon comes from the endless barrage of […]

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The Butcher Is Alive and Well In the Georgia Legislature

This story opens with a Georgia Representative, plotting with fellow legislators on how to reform the state’s public defender system. Rep. Dick the Butcher “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers”. Within the halls of our state legislator a hideous plot has been put into motion. HB 328 is a new bill […]

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Battling the Institutions of Intolerance

In the trenches of fighting for fair and equal justice, the battle is difficult and often discouraging. Plaintiffs and their lawyers must overcome what often seems to be a hopeless no man’s land of procedure, financial costs, and protective politics. If we succeed, then what? Is the local culture magically transformed with all wrongs mended? […]

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Chief Justice Moore and the Politics of Ignorance

The United States Constitution embodies all the hope and complexities of 18th century thinking. Somehow modern concepts of equality, due process, and freedom of expression were put next to clauses upholding the brutality of slavery and subjugation of women. Our Constitution was not perfect, yet it paved the way for the modern society we live […]

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