Dialogue of Aspasia: False Idols of Freedom

by Legal Kitty

Aspasia: Wow look what they have done to the stadium!

Shawn: Yeah, it’s amazing what 1.5 billion in city bonds will do.

Aspasia: You have to admit it’s a little impressive?

Shawn: I guess. Do you want to sit next to the aisle?

Aspasia: Sure thanks. Oh look, it’s Jesus Christ!

Shawn: WOW! Now that’s cool! Hey Jesus what’s up?

Jesus: Doing well, what a crowd huh? Mind if I sit with you guys?

Aspasia: Sure, do you want a hot dog or a beer or something?

Jesus: No thanks.

(National Anthem begins. Shawn stands at attention and Aspasia continues sitting with Jesus)

Jesus: There seems to be a lot of discomfort in the stadium all of a sudden. Should I sit or stand?

Angry Fan: Stand for the anthem! Respect the troops that died for our rights!

Jesus: Why are you so angry friend? I’m not from the United States, I’m from the Middle East.

Angry Fan: Brave men fought for our rights, even if you’re not from here you should stand for the anthem or go back to where you came from! We are about freedom here not Sharia Law!

Jesus: Do you go to church?

Angry Fan: Yes. Well most Sundays as long as there’s no football tailgating.

Jesus: When there is no football and you go to church, do you stand when they read holy scripture?

Angry Fan: Yeah just like the anthem.

Jesus: Is it?

Angry Fan: People should stand and show respect.

Aspasia: Are we burying soldiers or  paying to watch a football game?

Angry Fan: It’s a football game, but it doesn’t matter.

Aspasia: Is the NFL a national agency run by the government?

Angry Fan: No, it’s a private nonprofit entity.

Jesus: Oh wonderful, what charity gets the money from the tickets and advertising?

Angry Fan: Well it goes to the players and teams I guess. And that’s why they should stand, they get all that money!

Aspasia: Why are the players kneeling?

Angry Fan: Who cares why they’re doing it, it disrespects our military!

Shawn: I’m a Marine, it doesn’t disrespect me.

Angry Fan: And you stand, right?

Shawn: Marines stand for a lot of things, including for people’s right to be free to choose. Football players work hard to get into the NFL. If a player wants to risk it all for equal justice, I think that’s exactly the freedom I defended, regardless of how I feel about the anthem.

Jesus: You didn’t answer Aspasia’s question, why do the players kneel?

Angry Fan: They’re just trying to get attention. I don’t want to hear about black tension with police when I go to a football game. I’m not racist, I mean you’re from the middle east or whatever and I don’t hate you but I don’t want to hear about your politics during a football game.

Jesus: Especially on a Sunday because that’s a scared day, am I right?

Angry Fan: Yeah, exactly.

Jesus: You hold a piece of cloth and a song over the suffering of your brothers and sisters?

Angry Fan: It’s the symbolism, it’s sacred.

Jesus: Are the lives of your fellow citizens not sacred?

Angry Fan: No offense man but you sound like an idiot. We had a black president for two terms! Black people have as many rights as anyone else in this country. In fact, black people kill more black people than police.

Shawn: Dude, do you know who he is?

Angry Fan: I don’t care who he is, I treat everyone the same.

Aspasia: Unfortunately, the police don’t treat everyone the same way. Police action in black communities is drastically inconsistent. When a black person is pulled over, or stopped, by the police there is a roulette wheel of treatment ranging from professional policing to outright murder. Police encounters should not be terrorizing events. I don’t deserve that, and black families will not tolerate it anymore. A family can move out of a bad neighborhood, you can’t move away from the police.

Angry Fan: You’re not going to convince me. I just want to watch my game.

Aspasia: Fair enough. Shawn defended your right to worship whatever you want.


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